Construction. Architectural style. Wood. Stone. Slate Roof. Older. Newer. Whatever the characteristics of your barn - we have years of experience with lots of different types of barns. And chances are, we've bought and sold the type of materials and goods in your barn or outbuilding.

Developers, historians, and property owners have turned to us for help in estimating the value of barn materials and contents. We can help you find an approximate value on beams, flooring, slate, doors and other materials.

Also, let the Barnyard Boys help you get a ballpark price on the smaller items and contents. Hinges, old equipment, feedbags and feedboxes….all of these small items could have a value that you're not aware of.

Get an honest evaluation of what's in your barn or outbuilding. Are you curious as to what the value might be? Contact us today!

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