Have an old barn that needs removed? The Barnyard Boys can help!


Barn Cleanout

Need assistance cleaning out an old barn or selling the contents you’ve recently acquired? We’re here to help. 

Trust our team

Are you looking to free up some much-needed space in the barn or outbuilding on your property? Have you assumed ownership of a shed that’s packed full of stuff that you have no idea what to do with?

The Barnyard Boys are the right folks to turn to when you need a barn or shed cleaned out. Plus, you can trust us with evaluating items of worth. We offer limited consignment services to sell your barn’s contents.


Get the space you want when we clean out your barn or outbuilding.


Feel confident that items of value can be sold accordingly.


Let the Barnyard Boys handle all of the selling.

"They made our cleanout worthwhile and simple for us."

MAking your clean out as smooth and simple as possible

From start to finish, our team does the job right and will leave you satisfied with the cleaned and emptied barn.

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