Have an old barn that needs removed? The Barnyard Boys can help!



Have an old structure that needs to be removed? The Barnyard Boys can help!

RECLAMATION and Salvage services

Most of the inventory available at The Barnyard Boys is carefully deconstructed and salvaged by our experienced crews from barns, houses, and other buildings. Trust the plans and expertise of our team to remove unwanted materials from your property or demo a structure you need to be taken down. And don’t sweat it, all of our crew members are fully insured.

We provide all necessary equipment needed for your deconstruction project  and guarantee to work through the process from start to finish. Some other companies leave you with the clean-up after salvaging a few items, but we’re happy to complete the job – and help you to discard of old unusable materials throughout the process.

Our crews work primarily in Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania, Northern Maryland, and Northern Delaware. If you’re interested in our services, please complete the form below. Please keep in mind that if your project’s location is more than 75 miles from us, we may have to turn down the job due to distance. Thank you for your consideration!

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"working with the barnyard boys was simple and they are obvious professionals."


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